Your Gift Will Build All This and More

  • Attractive, naturally-lighted, temperature-controlled and soundproofed areas that will make both animals and people feel happy, safe, and comfortable.
  • A “Real Life” room for dogs so they can spend time in a home environment, reducing their stress and giving them better exposure to adopters.
  • Additional rooms for cats and kittens with new condo-style cages, taking advantage of vertical space and giving cats room to climb.
  • Spacious service areas for pet grooming, laundry, and food preparation, with plenty of storage to serve the needs of our shelter pets.
  • Separate housing for kittens and puppies to protect them from the diseases that adult cats and dogs may carry.
  • A pet wellness center to serve the health needs of our shelter pets as well as offer low-cost spay/neuter and vaccination services to the community.
  • A pet food bank to provide for families of pets in need.

Please send us your pledge card to help save even more lives and give homeless pets a safe, clean, and comfortable refuge while they await their forever homes and families.

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