We Need This Space To Save Lives Through Our 11-Step No-Kill Equation

  1. Comprehensive adoption programs and events to get pets into forever homes.
  2. Partnerships with local and national rescues.
  3. An army of volunteers.
  4. A vast network of fosters to expand the walls of our shelter into homes across our community.
  5. Trap, neuter and release of working and community cats to keep un-socialized cats out of the shelter.
  6. Pet retention programs to provide the resources pet owners need to keep their pets out of the shelter.
  7. Public relations and community involvement to spread awareness.
  8. Medical and behavior rehabilitation for homeless pets to get them ready for forever homes.
  9. High-volume, low-cost spay and neuter programs to reduce the number of unwanted pets.
  10. Proactive redemptions to help lost pets get back home.
  11. A committed and compassionate shelter director to lead the way.


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